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Welcome to skinnyfans, a website dedicated to skinny women. All our models were extremely thin when we discovered them and we do not encourage anybody to lose weight! Severe underweight can lead to serious health problems including organ damage, osteoporosis and heart failure. However, we acknowledge the fact that there exist very skinny women who want to work as models and that there exist people who adore them. We think it should go without saying that in a free society, every responsible adult has every right to do so. Skinnyfans reflects this fact and serves this niche.

If you don't want to see very skinny and bony girls, it would be better to leave now. Also, if you're not allowed to view adult content by the laws of the area you live in, you must leave this site. However, if you're adult and looking for videos and picture galleries of extremely thin girls, you've come to the right place!


New Gina Video Added

07 Jul 2024

We have just added a new video from our model Gina to her shop section. Here are some impressions:

New Videos From Margui Added

02 Jun 2024

We have added three new videos showing Margui posing and exercising to her shop section, enjoy!

New Video From Gina Added

29 Mar 2024

We have just aded a new video showing Gina posing sporty indoors, enjoy it in her shop section!

Introducing Our New Model Margui

22 Feb 2024

We are glad to present you our new model Margui, check her out in her dedicated shop section!

New Videos From Christin and Denisa in L.A. Added

02 Feb 2024

We have just added two new outdoor videos from Christin and Denisa in L.A. to the shop section, enjoy!

Introducing Our New Model Viola

14 Jan 2024

We're happy to present you a brand new skinnyfans model: Viola! You can find her videos in her dedicated shop section.

Here are some impressions from her content:


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